ULA Delta IV Medium Launch, Cape Canaveral, FL

ULA Delta IV Medium Launch, Cape Canaveral, FL

This launch on 8/22/2019 was historic as it is the final launch of a Delta IV rocket in the medium, single stick configuration. There were clouds and some rain in the area the morning of the launch that caused weather to go red for a short time.

Launch day sunrise.

We found an Osprey waiting for the launch nearby where we decided to set up to see the launch. We were in Jetty Park where we camped the week before.

Osprey waiting for the launch

We were about 8 miles away from the launch pad which is about as close as you can get for safety. The picture below shows what we could see (with magnification) of the launch pad from where we were viewing the launch. The rocket is hidden just below the trees.

Launch pad LC-37 from Jetty Park
An early launch photo captured from our video
About 40 seconds into the flight and we began to hear the roar of the engines
Smoke trail after launch
Launch Video (Caution large file)

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