Eclipse 2024

Eclipse 2024

Before the 2024 eclipse, I thought I had seen one before but I think I had only seen partial eclipses. This was a magical event with constant fear we’d miss it all because of clouds. Throughout it all we had short breaks and at totality the clouds just moved out of the way. Later that night I went and cleaned up the pictures I had taken and thought, oh well they weren’t that great but then I looked for better ones on the internet. There may be better ones now but at least right after, mine were as good as most others I could find.

All of the non-totality pictures were taken with my cell phone with only a filter on the lens. The totality ones were taken with our “good” camera on a tripod and no other special equipment. Imagine what you could take with several $1000’s of dollars of equipment!

Just beginning
We were afraid the clouds were going to get in the way
Just before totality there was a break in the clouds!
Closer look at solar flares
Flares continued to be visible throughout totality
Another closeup of the flares
The sun just coming out of the moon’s shadow. Within seconds we went from total darkness to bright again.
On the back side, sun starting to uncover

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  1. You certainly captured some awesome shots of the eclipse! We were also in Texas during the big event, it was the coolest thing to see. Hey, it was a nice surprise to see you in Burnet at the BB festival!

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