Santo, TX

Santo, TX

Worlds Largest Cedar Rocker at the Natty Flat Smokehouse

Park Review – Coffee Creek RV Resort and Cabins

Coffee Creek RV Resort Site 21

Rating: ⭐⭐1/2
Santo, TX
Commercial Park
Check-in/Check-out times:
12:00 (some information shows 3:00)/11:00
Site Quality / Amenities:
Sites are basic with only a patio but no table. Many sites have rocks circled around to make a fire pit but ours did not.
Easy access just north of I-20 on US-281.
The staff were very friendly and helpful. The lady that seemed to be in charge had an interesting history that included living just about every where we have, going to the same high school and even working at Dell so we had a lot to talk about.
They had a hard wired internet option available for free but we did not try it. I got 5Guw speeds of 391Mbps down and 10.6Mbps up!
Restaurants: Mary’s Cafe in Strawn had great chicken fried steak. Listed as a Top 10 Places to stop on motorcycle tours and reviews there were mixed, people either loved them or hated them. We liked them because they had less breading than most places. Natty Flat Smokehouse in Lipan was a good choice for BBQ. The meat was lean and had a good smoke ring. he chicken was good too but I wasn’t a huge fan of their sausage though.
Nearby parks: We didn’t look at any nearby parks but Coffee Creek has a sister park about 12 miles east that is paved and newer. People say it is a beautiful park but the big issue is that it’s right on I-20 so road noise is really bad.
What we liked: Far enough from I-20 to not get road noise. Sites are plenty long enough for bigger rigs and are comprised of asphalt in OK shape. There is healthy grass between the sites which is a plus.
What we didn’t like: There were a lot of semi-permanent people staying in the park and rules about keeping sites clean, not parking on the grass and quiet times were largely ignored.Many of these folks were pipeline workers which is both good and bad. The good is that they are gone all day and it stays quiet. The bad is they all have loud trucks and they leave at about 6AM.
Verdict: All things considered, this isn’t a bad park and we would stay here again for a short stay of 1 to 3 or 4 nights. The area, particularly north and west toward Mineral Wells and Breckenridge are quite similar to the Hill Country west of Austin and would be fun to explore as would several of the many museums in the area but we didn’t have time to do that on this stay.

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